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Commissioning activities are applicable to all phases of the project, from basis of design, procurement, construction and assembly, until the final handover to the owner




Get your project on the path to success right from the start.  Early preparation on a project is the key to removing potential obstacles and preparing for smooth handovers from vendors, construction and commissioning. We begin with the end in mind by providing total project planning, execution, and review during each BOD, Design Review, FEED, Detailed Design, and IFC to optimize your capital efficiency. 


Planning for facility operation on day one is essential.  Achieve world class success

with our proven integrated completion method.

Engineering, procurement, fabrication inspections and documentation prior to and during site assembly are a critical part of the project.  We will ensure that your project is on track, within budget and risk mitigated, at every stage through to completion.



Commissioning should always occur during the early stages of the project and though not recommended, sometimes happens after construction is complete. It is never too late for us to ensure that all commissioning is executed in a safe, environmentally acceptable manner and maintain compliance to the highest standards whilst affording the client with confidence of cost control.



It is our commitment to affect the safe and orderly handover of the project from constructor to the owner, guaranteeing your project's operability in terms of performance, reliability, safety and information traceability.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve a 100% audit trail across their projects, certified as fully tested and ready for safe operation. Flawless handover is what we do.


Complan Group was first established in the 1980’s to serve the fast-growing oil and gas industry in the North Sea.  Being first on the market with a proven solution and a state of the art Windows Completions System (WinPCS), Complan had much success in Norway and Holland, and completed one of the largest projects to date in Saudi Arabia in the early 90’s.  Since inception, Complan's project experience is strong and diverse, spanning nearly every continent with a host of large-scale industries, including some of the world´s largest mega projects and now has locations in Norway, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, and Brazil. Complan prides itself with very high ethical standards in executing projects and delivers what we promise. We provide a solution that will be predictable in cost and functionality and we strive to deliver to any client's expectation. Our goal is to help our clients achieve a 100% audit trail across their projects, certified as fully tested and ready for safe operation.



Project Mangement service with WinPCS

Windows Project Completion System, our state of the art technology, displays a project using different hierarchical views with system, subsystems, work-packages and/or areas being the most prominently used. All equipment (P&IDs, loop, drawings, isometrics, datasheets, EH&S) and procedures can be utilized to enhance the project's perspective and reporting capabilities. WinPCS gives your project transparency and seamless integration with document control and maintenance systems. Regulatory, OR&A, ISO and NORSOK compliancy ensures the safety of your project.  Learn More

Commissioning Services
+ WinPCS Software (free)

From initial design to final handover, our experienced personnel (from single person solutions to flexible team approaches) implements and utilizes WinPCS to deliver best-in-class mechanical completions, commissioning, startup, and operations.  We provide an unbiased professional approach to offer simplified project completion execution. Our complete and flexible solution can realize cost benefits within small, medium and large capital projects through a managed, structured and safety oriented acceleration of the schedule being the most prominently used.

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Commissioning Agent
+ WinPCS Software (free)
+ Mobile Solution

Our Paperless Adaptive Software Solution is an end to end Mobile Solution (hardware and software). WinPCS Mobile is a truly unique and simple field tool. It creates easy work flow and provides customizable delivery of scope of work. Your data is guaranteed to be safe with our secure individual user logon (including a fingerprint scanner), provides GPS tracking, and works on or offline with connection independence. With this intuitive tool, you will be able to receive status updates, automated work packs (per auditor/per task), and perform line walks on the go.

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